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Pitcairn Islands – A very remote island in the South Pacific where my Mum was born & lived until she was a young lady in her twenties. Below are a few curios' from her sister Brenda Christian, my cousin Andrew Christian & The Brown family.
There is much reason to support & help sustain the 50 Pitcairn Islanders who live on the world’s remotest island, n
ot only being surrounded by one of earths largest Marine reserves @834,000 sq. kilometres providing protection to some of the most pristine waters and coral reefs on our planet, they are also guardians for the islands of Henderson (World Heritage Site by UNESCO), Oeno & Ducie which all support remarkably pristine habitats with very fragile ecosystems.
With Pitcairn’s world-class Marine Reserve, endemic bird species; endemic plants & being declared the world’s 8th International Dark Sky Sanctuary and only island territory in the world to hold this status, there is much reason to support the Pitcairn Islanders. 

All pricing is in $NZ Dollars

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