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Long ago a young girl from West Auckland NZ dreamt a dream…….

How, why, what I have created is from a journey of life events that has led me to now fulfilling a lifelong dream. After 5 months of shop preparation and being in the middle of a pandemic we managed to get our shop door open on the 21st of December 2020.

My beginnings started with my mother, a beautiful lady from a tiny rock in the South Pacific Ocean called Pitcairn Island.

Mum was a truly kind, gentle, loving lady and full of goodness, so to honour her goodness I named my shop after Mum…….

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Lucilles is a retail store situated on our main street in Waiuku, Auckland, New Zealand.

We promote NZ and Pacific Island brands and sell sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

We pride ourselves on supporting individuals, families, communities, Pacific Islands and Social Enterprises that either care for our environment and/or do good for humanity.   

At Lucilles, most of our products are made with love from the creators’ homes, this allows us to offer you items that are made individually, by hand and in small quantities.

This uniqueness of Lucilles products has passionately been put together, so we hope you love our products as much as we do.

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Lucilles kindness & warm thanks to her

Artists / Sewist / Creators - A very big thank you for not only creating beautiful products made with love but for also helping Lucilles make financial donations to the below enterprises: Sadly after a few months of closing our retail shop we could no longer afford to carry on making financial donations - the total $1967.00 of our donations is as below:





Lucilles is also proud to support products from


Downlights NZ – a NZ owned social enterprise that employs young kiwis with Down syndrome, learning or intellectual disabilities and offers them meaningful employment opportunities while being paid the living wage.

Will & Able - is a NZ social enterprise that provides over 200 jobs for people with mental and physical disabilities.

Gaias Essentials – creating a beautiful soap for Tourettes NZ, for each of these soaps sold $5 is donated to the Tourettes Association NZ. Tourettes is a neurological condition that causes the person to have involuntary verbal and motor movements.

MamaGaia – creating awesome soap dishes from 100% recycled plastic ice cream containers, what an innovative, planet changing product!!!

Pitcairn Islands – Help sustain the 50 people of Pitcairn who live on the world’s remotest island.

Not only being surrounded by a huge Marine reserve (@834,000 sq. kilometres) which offers protection to some of the most pristine waters and coral reefs on earth, they are also guardians for the islands of Henderson (World Heritage Site by UNESCO), Oeno & Ducie which all support remarkably pristine habitats with very fragile ecosystems.

With Pitcairn’s world-class Marine Reserve, 9 endemic bird species; 10 endemic plants and being declared the world’s 8th International Dark Sky Sanctuary and only island territory in the world to hold this status, there is much reason to support the Pitcairn Islanders.


After 7 months of our Waiuku shop being open we are now going online, Lucilles mission and goal is with your support we hope you will join us in sharing her goodness around, the more we sell the more we can donate to the enterprises and charities doing such great work 😊

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